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Welcome to the Owen Center

God sent a Person to heal our brokenness: His Son, Jesus Christ. Learning to cope is not enough.
He is the living truth who knows you fully and can change you completely.

The Owen Center provides Christ-centered, biblical counseling to individuals, couples and families.

  1. Our counseling focuses on knowing, trusting and following Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord and Savior, the ultimate remedy for personal and relational brokenness.
  2. Our counseling understands and honors all people as those made in the image of God.
  3. Our counseling relies upon the true words about ourselves and about Jesus revealed in the Bible. We counsel convinced that God’s Word has the authority and sufficient truth for every life and circumstance. That same Word invites everyone to live in a personal, healing relationship with Christ.
  1. Our counseling conduct is guided by the love, kindness, truth and compassion of Jesus, the great Shepherd and Counselor.
  2. Our counseling seeks deep and lasting transformation of the inner life and the outward lifestyle.

The Owen Center operates through your generous support

The Owen Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to offering affordable biblical counseling to all who request it. We provide thousands of appointments each year and rely upon the prayer and financial support of our community, partners, and friends. If you are interested in becoming a prayer and financial partner with us, follow the link to support. 

Make an Appointment
We provide counseling to people in our community without regard to their means or background. Applications for counseling are reviewed by a counselor before acceptance.
Due to the high demand for counseling and quality of care concerns, you may expect a wait of 10-12 weeks before we are able to schedule your first appointment. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to help all those we can.  If you are seeking counseling for an emergency situation, please make that known in your inquiry for counsel.

670 North College Street, Suite A
Auburn, AL 36830


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