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Is There a Financial Cost?

The Owen Center counselors assume that you will take your counseling seriously. As an indication of this, the counselee is expected to invest in their own counseling according to the sliding scale below.


Family Annual Income

Expected Investment

$0 – $22,000

$30 per session

$23,000 – $44,000

$50 per session

$45,000 – $66,000

$75 per session

$67,000 – $89,000

$100 per session

$90,000 +

$125 per session


The Owen Center never wants finances to prevent you from receiving counseling. If you cannot afford counseling services, please indicate this on the counseling profile, and your request will be considered. For more information, email

All payments are to be made payable to The Owen Center. Counseling investments are not tax deductible.