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Please select the Personal Profile Form that applies to the type of counseling you are seeking.

If you have questions about which form you should select, please call our office at 334-329-5259.

Individual Counseling – Please select if you are unmarried and seeking formal individual counseling. If you are seeking individual counseling, but are married, we ask that you still select the marriage counseling form below.

Individual Counseling

Marriage Counseling – Please select if you are seeking marriage counseling. This includes affairs, parenting issues, conflict resolution, grief counseling, addictions, sexual problems, communication issues, etc.

Marriage Counseling

Children and Adolescent Counseling – Please select if you are seeking counseling for your child who is between the ages of 6-17. We ask that the parent or guardian fill out the form with the child, but the child may answer the personal questions if they would like. Please just note when the child is answering. If your child is 18 or older, they will be required to fill out the “Individual Counseling Form” above.

Children and Adolescent Counseling

Counseling Consultation – Please select if you are unsure if you need formal counseling or would like to simply speak to one of our counselors for a single session.

Counseling Consultation